Friday, July 28, 2006

2002 Pinot Gris de Rolly Gassman

I recently opened one of my favorite wine with Chinese food: a Tokay Pinot Gris from Alsace. It can also be a very good fit with foie gras - goose or duck liver -, if it is sweet enough. In this case, even though the quality is very high with ample sweetness, I did feel it was a little too 'green', like a green oolong that will upset your stomach a little. In terms of aromas, I was overwhelmed by the lychee from the beginning through the finish. It turned from fresh to ripe in my mouth and then also brought some hazelnut notes.

And I did enjoy it together with foie gras and Chinese food! It could have been a bit sweeter for the foie gras (a vendanges tardives VT), but it was just right for the caramelized hung shao rou. On the other hand, VTs are so much more expensive than regular white. In this case, with the current heat we have, it was good to have a lighter taste.

A big thank to my parents for carrying this bottle (among others) all the way from Alsace to Taipei. And also a thought for Phyll who inspired me with his excellent blog about tea and wine.

Update: A point I forgot to mention in my tasting notes about this tokay is that it doesn't just remind me of a fruit, but of a land, Alsace. This is the typical scent of Alsace in summer during the late afternoon early evening hours. The earth and rocks give back the accumulated heat, adding their sweetness, and you feel the joy of the gathering around the dinner table. Flammkeuch (that's how I pronounce it) is about to be served and your glass is already full of Tokay. So, you've probably guessed it: this wine is the one that reminds me best of my dear home. I put it in the same category as traditional Baozhong (subtropical forest taste), which is the tea that best reminds me of my new home, Taipei.

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Anonymous said...

les VT, c'est dans la gamme de prix de cette bouteille ? (je ne sais pas si le lien va fonctionner vu sa longueur...) :

en tout cas, c'est une sacré bonne chose que la vente de thé ne soit pas un monopole d'état par ici (contrairement à l'alcool)