Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Antique Tian Mu bowl links

A reader asked me today about my 'hare's fur' Tian Mu bowl. This is the appropriate english expression to desribe one of the color variations that can happen on a Tian Mu bowl. I then used these words to make a search for such bowls on google. Here are some interesting links I found:
- A piece from Taiwan's National Palace Museum,
- Wikipedia's page on Chinese porcelain (see Jian tea wares). It has a picture from the Met museum.

In another variation, the bowl can also have variations that can look like partridge feathers:
- Even if the site insist it's hare's fur!

And I also liked this article from Gotheborg's site with tips to recognize fake antique tenmoku bowls. They are very similar to what Teaparker told us.

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