Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Flying geese

Many thanks to my mom once again! I have received her beautiful tea cloth today! It looks much better in real than in the pictures she had previously sent me. These triangles represent flying geese, she said (a very tradtional american quilt pattern). Each is different and I like the fact that there is a couple of orange ones. They add color and and a touch of 'je ne sais quoi' wild and creative to the tea cloth.

I've already started using it and stained it with some very fragrant and long lasting Oriental Beauty! I wonder how the tea stains will affect the cloth over time. I see good potential for this brown color to evolve nicely with tea stains here and there! Otherwise, I will just use the other side that is completely black.

1 comment:

Ido said...

Having seen and stained it first hand I can attest that the pictures really don't do it a favour.

Its marvelous!

As for this particular oriental beauty in question, if you did not drink it, it is almost useless to talk about it as again there would be misjustice done :-)

Thanks for the drink.