Monday, July 30, 2007

Teapot for a lot of people

Here is the big, 80 cl zisha teapot I found for Michel's tea party. The teapot looks a little like a tree. With big teapots, you often see more special designs, because simple designs loose their elegance, cuteness when they are 'super sized'.

So, I chose this (affordable) copy made by a simple potter with good zisha clay, not an original from a real artist. The main difference is in the finish, the little details of the decoration. This one is not bad at all, but still not as precise as a master's piece. In terms of actual tea making, however, these details add very little to the tea quality.

I wish you all the best for your tea party!


Anonymous said...

Thank you !
The tea cups are being fired as we speak and I'm mulling over your comments about finding a creative way to create a 'living' gongfu setting.

Anonymous said...

It holds almost 3 cups. (Sorry I am from the U.S., we are still metric lazy.) That is quite a nice sized zisha teapot regardless of the detail. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your tea party!


Anonymous said...

I like this teapot! Cool!