Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Gongfu setting for a tea party at a wedding

In answer to Michel's comment under my last article, I have thought of this set up for the tea party he's planning at a wedding. Usually, the teapot is at the center of a gongfu cha set up, but for this occasion, the newly weds are the focus of the day. Here, I use Chinese wedding cups (double happiness cups) to represent the couple. As the saying goes: pictures say it better than a 1000 words!
The black and white combination achieves a stylish contrast. A dark blue matching the qinghua color would also work well, if you don't want black at the wedding. And if you want it even more colorful, go and pick some flowers and leaves in the garden and display them with grace near the tea cups.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!

You read my mind but yours is clearer than mine.

'Less is more', the whitness and the shear number of the cups so close together really emphasize the sense of 'com-unity' the coming together to witness a union.

I have one more firing to do and although I glazed half the number of cups celadon blue I, will now wash off the glaze to make them all white!