Friday, November 23, 2007

Winter 2007 Li Shan Oolong

November 2nd, 2007 harvest.
It comes from the same plantation (2200 meters) as the Spring 2007 Li Shan I had in my selection.

View: The dry leaves look very nice: shiny dark, lively green colors. The tea is transparent and light yellow.

Aromas: Behind the light butter scent, there are flowers and lavender aromas. Only high pitched but rich notes.

Taste: It flows, flows, flows. After several cups, I start to realize it makes me salivate (for more) and there is a little tickling of the tip of my tongue. As I inhale, I feel a freshness in my mouth (I didn't chew on mint, though). It's like breathing on Li Shan mountain! And the long aftertaste slowly brings the taste (and smell) of young peaches.

Conclusion: This very fresh Li Shan Oolong is very flowery and high pitched. But it doesn't come with any 'green' harshness. Instead, it is rich, smooth and transports me to the top of the mountain.
Packaged by 50 grams. Same price as a pack of 100 gr of Top grade Wenshan Baozhong.

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