Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Display of Tea sets

2 years ago, I posted a picture of a tea set from the second tea set competition in Yingge. Before that, tea accessories were purchased independently from each other and little thought was given to the look of the tea set. But since these tea set competitions, I feel that tea sets in Taiwan have improved a lot. There has been a search for more harmony between the accessories. Sometimes, they are all done by the same maker. Also, the sets are laid out with more grace then before. Here a few examples I had the chance to photograph not long time ago in a tea shop:

The one below is very simple and uses a Qing dynasty plate under the teapot (when an idea is good, it tends to be copied!):

In a show of beautiful the tea sets, I think that those I have used at the Taipei Story House would also be worthy of display:
Summer 2007

Fall 2007


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful tea sets. The simplicity, clean look, and harmony of the pieces and their arrangement are a compelling invitation to enjoy the tea.

Dave said...

hi there. i am in singapore and trying to pick up my first chinese tea set, from reputable establishments - apparently taiwan-made.

i am a complete novice at this and the sets here are very, very expensive...some similar things online look very similar, if not the same and are very much cheaper, even coming from the states (presumably exported there from taiwan)

can you tell me if i should be paying

tea tray/drainer:$100
6 peice tea set: $130
kettle and burner: $190

i know prices vary...but this stuff, while looking well crafed and painted, seems expensive!

you can email me at d4vey_p AT