Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Teaparker's new book

It is about tea mats! And it discusses the aesthetics of tea sets and the additional pleasure that comes from the harmonious beauty of a well composed and arranged tea set. He gives several pictures as examples here, here (this one you have seen on my blog before), and here.

This is somewhat of a coincidence that I find about it just after my previous post. On the other hand, it wasn't difficult to notice that this subject was very much on his mind during the last months... I will try to write a few more articles on the subject in the coming weeks. A lot of creativity is involved in pairing the right accessories together.

In some other news about Teaparker, you may have noticed that recently he has been introducing various old or precious tea accessories on his website. The most incredible one, I think, is this pure gold teapot. (Should a generous billionaire want to make a donation in kind to my blog, this item would be it!) These items will be auctioned in Shanghai on December 23, along with fine teas. If you have (a lot of) extra cash, this will be the place to find a really special Christmas gift!

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