Friday, April 10, 2009

Chinese Triad's secret tea language (2)

Let's assume that the test (to find out if you're a member of the triad) when well. You have selected the correct tea cup. However, you didn't just come to enjoy the pleasant taste of a good cup of tea. You came with an important subject to discuss with your host, the local triad boss.

Your first meeting is likely to take place in a public place, where all kinds of people come to see the host. It's best to remain discreet. So, again, without a word, using the secret language of tea, you can tell your host that you have a serious matter to discuss.


The boss is in no hurry, though. He continues to make tea. This clever guy (otherwise he wouldn't be the boss around this city) has figured out who sent you to him. He pours tea in all cups again and places the teapot with the spout facing you directly.

This meeting is over. What message will you bring back?

PS: I will post my answers in the comments of both articles on Monday. Have fun and a nice Easter weekend!


Anonymous said...

Argh! I want to know now! Very interesting! Is this a Taiwanese triad thing or more general?

heavydoom said...

the pot pointing at you means that you are in deep trouble, this is your last pot of tea, enjoy it while it last!! so run and hide, i am after you!!

Leslie said...

And what direction must the teapot face for one to withdraw his machete and charge the big boss?

Oops, I just finished watching Shinjuku Incident

toki said...

head (spout) facing you are in good terms or agreement. Tail (handle) facing you... then have a nice afterlife? So gangster! loving it. Watching the 300 : )

TeaMasters said...

品茶, pin cha: taste tea. The Chinese language shows that the proper way to taste tea is in 3 gulps (3 mouths). So, to send a signal that you want to discuss something, the gang member will empty his cup 'bottom up' and put it back on the table.

Heavydoom has correctly guessed the second meaning. A spout facing you means trouble. The host doesn't like you or is upset with you. It is similar to the chicken head facing an employee at the year end banquet. In that case, it means he will be fired soon.

Thanks everybody for taking part in this little quizz!

heavydoom said...

this is for, some strange reason, my second time winning a tea question by deductive reasoning or in other words : a wild guess!!

Lily said...

Not sure if this is still used in China. But in some areas of China, tea culture is still popular. Certain rules should be followed when you drink tea with your boss,senior family members and friends.