Thursday, April 02, 2009

In the mood for tea

Granted, I'm almost always in a tea mood! So, the real is question is: what tea am I in a mood for now? Readers often ask me which tea is my favorite. It's hard to answer, because it really depends on my tea mood.

Today, for instance, Taipei continues to be quite cold and grey. I feel like some fresh spring energy and warmth for my early afternoon tea. So, I turn to a Sung style powder green tea from Japan. 

Just the fact that it needs good whisking (my whole arm is moving) warms up my body. The aromas of the powder are fresh like tender grass, but the whisked tea is more like a smooth soup. I'm also amazed how hot the unglazed bottom of my Jianyang ware becomes. The iron content of this clay is so high, that the hot clay feels more like metal than clay.  

The outside temperature, the moment of the day, the season... are some of the elements that impacted my tea mood. Being alone and quiet for an hour was another element for choosing a full scale Cha Xi. If I had less time or were constantly disturbed, I would have chosen a different tea (easier to prepare) with a simpler setting. 

To choose the right tea, understand your mood and what you expect from it!

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Looks like you have a nice view!