Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tea exchange with Petr Novak

In recent articles, I have shown Petr Novak's wood fired bowl and jars. (Here, a double walled cup). They are part of an exchange I made with him: my tea for his tea ware. As part of this exchange, I have tested Petr's wares and given him feedback about with which teas to use them and how to further improve them.

In an exchange, feedback runs both ways, so here are Petr's first impressions about the teas he received:

Petr: "Take it only like feelings and findings of somebody who drink tea a lot for many years but who is not expert, especially not in field of Taiwanese teas. And what else I am aware of my limits in English:

First, I tried Qizhong Oolong 2006. I have prepared it for tree times. On First try I put too many leaves to my small 100ml stoneware teapot. In spite of this mistake I enjoyed it. But tea was too strong for my body and roasted aroma of leaves killed all sweeter fragrance which I have expected. But I brewed it for many times and it was still good. So second time I used only few leaves and brewed for longer time. It was better. More fragrance, strong aftertaste but I can feel there something what I did not like. Some smell which I can identify…And on third try I used middle way of preparation. More leaves (but not too much) and only 20-40second of brewing. It was of course the best but I still can feel something wrong for me, some smell (more in the teapot than in cup) but it has an affect also on my body. But I still do not give up. Now, when I am writing this, I am tempted to try it again. Actually I like it but I am not sure why…

Second was Luanze Hung Shui Fall 2009: Fantastic! So many fragrances in this tea. In the best stage of drinking I have called it sweet chocolate but very soft and smooth without aggressive colors. Only may be also too strong for me, for my body and my mind. I was in rush for a while after it. Probably because we have still winter…But I like it and I have to say thank you for sending this sample.

Third tea was Luanze Gao shan-Shan Lin Shi Spring 2009- Again a lot of fragrance but in this case with combination which I have some prejudice- some sweet vanilla milk shade. But I have to say that in this Gao shan it is very cultivated, neither cheep nor aggressive. I am not sure but I probably can say: very good tea, everything is how it should be but it is not my style. Or by another way: I like this tea but it is not a kind I would like to drink again and again.

And today I try your Raw wild puer from Yiwu 2003. I am happy that you send me this sample. I like it a lot. Every brew is good, it does not matter how hot is water, for how long I brew it or if it is brewed for five or eight times- I still like it. To first tree brews I put more attention and It surprise me how clear were the infusions, sweet, smooth…I do not have a lot of compare with, I have only more fresh puers and not from wild trees but this is winner for me. It reminds me one tea I have brought in Korea from Chinese people from Hunan. This tea was also from wild trees and the basic taste was very similar.

Oriental beauty spring 2009- It is several years ago when I had this kind of tea. In the past it was my favorite so when I opened bag with this one I was really curious. First smell of the leaves and multicolored look of this Oriental beauty was fascinating. But taste overcomes my expectation. Or may be it is better to say that it was what I have expected but clearer, stronger and astonishing in both taste and fragrances. I call it linden in blossom with honey. It so strongly reminds me the spring with all the wildness of sprouting, with flowers and bees around. Amazing but I have to be careful with it ( I am not so young anymore …)

Wenshan Baozhong 1983- I have to say I like this tea a lot. There is everything what I like in the right degree: roasting, fragrances, energy are strong but not too much. I like experimenting with it . Ones I tried it with a lot of leaves for short brewing and than small amount of leaves for longer time. Second approach seems to be more proper for this old olongs- with more fragrances of dried fruits and aftertaste is still strong. I am happy that I asked you for this tea."

Thanks for your reviews!


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Karen said...

It would be very hard to say who got the better part of this deal; you're both VERY lucky!