Friday, April 09, 2010

The call of nature

This tea set is wild at heart. It wants out and breath mountain air, under the sun. Last week, I could grant this wish.

The cups, with their wide and high feet, occupy the space in an assertive way. This elevation brings the tea closer to heaven. At the same time, this cup is heavy and requires some strength and focus to handle. Its stability and weight makes me feel secure, a similar feeling, I guess, like when driving a very big and strong car. I also feel a quaint, antiquated pleasure of handling a cup with such an old fashioned shape. The size of the cup is also a contrast with the smaller gongfu cha cups I usually use.

One great tea.
One harmonious Cha Xi.
I'm in heaven.


Shufra Consultancy said...

The view is great. Where is this place?

TeaMasters said...

It's a restaurant on the mountain just south of Tucheng, in Taipei county. Nearby is a park called Tong Hua Gongyuan.

Karen said...

And what's in the cup? ;)
FWIW, it contrasts beautifully with the clay.

TeaMasters said...

I had the fall 2009 Hung Shui Oolong (see previous post also).