Monday, April 05, 2010

Matching beverage for Easter

I could have used a red tea and used two Cha Hai to symbolize the crossing of the Red Sea...

Or I could have brewed (to death) a great 30+ years old tea on Friday and 'resurect' it on Sunday with a few more brews. Such teas taste really 'divine'!

Instead, I was lucky on Good Friday: after a (Japanese) lunch in a new neighborhood, I entered a wine shop and discovered this very last bottle from Yarden!

I remember drinking this wine in 1994 when I visited Israel (for 3 months, including Easter). This personal connection, origin and timing made it a great match for Easter! (And it tasted like 'milk and honey'!)


Steph said...

Well done! I was drinking a nice jasmine pearl as an after-dinner beverage.

Shufra Consultancy said...

Lucky you, the timing couldn't have been better :)