Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rising again with an Easter tea

After a period of intense activity, travel to the US and random worries, it's time to readjust my life and find happiness in the small things I do.

This Easter, I decided on a fresh start. It had to be special and meaningful. First, for Pessach, I wanted to return to the Promised Land. So, I opened a bottle of 'Eden mineral water' from Israel (thank you Ido for bringing this bottle 4 years ago!). I would use this water to brew my tea and remember the great time I had there in 1994.

Second, I also wanted to shed whatever was troubling my mind and soul. So, I also sought to make this an Easter Cha Xi with a Christian touch. I'm not a regular church goer, and maybe it would be easier to have a spiritual experience with a priest?... On the other hand, I like the idea of a direct relationship with Heaven. And if we can use the Cha Xi Mandala to put art into our daily life, why not Christ for Easter!...

I chose a 6 years old Bi Luo Chun from Jiangsu, kept in a pewter tea caddy. It's quite old for a green tea ; some may even be tempted to throw away such leaves. The color of the brew is dark yellow. Dead? Not the least. Even without the typical freshness, the taste has a fine sparkle on the tongue that breathes life into me. (Resurrection!)

But it wasn't just the tea that felt good. I had taken the time to light charcoals in my Nilu and boil the water over it. The fire created a powerful presence next to me! A white butterfly even flew by my window on the 7th floor as I was enjoying my tea cup. Blessed by tea bliss! Eden water for a resurrected 'Jade Snail Spring' tea!

It's as if I could still feel the tea in mouth now...
Thank You for Your Love.

(For the pictures, I have removed the kettle and teapot. They worked perfectly, but their magnificence might have given you the impression I was celebrating a royal wedding!)


Michel said...

I like the earthly simplicity in colour of your Cha Bu, It fits with the possible jute colour of the shroud of Christ.

Dust to Dust in between - Eternal life..

TeaMasters said...

Hi Michel,

Purple is usually associated with royalty, but this fabric is a little pink too and has small variations. Maybe you're right. It could be a shroud color, which would explain why it looks so spiritual.