Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A tea friend goes the extra mile

The trip to Penn State only lasted 5 days. Time was too short to travel to other cities and meet other tea friends in the US. (Sorry!) I only informed Kevin, from Pennsylvania, about this trip. Through his feedback (here, here and by e-mail), I could read that Kevin and I felt similarly about tea. I hoped we could meet, but hadn't heard back from him.

So, it was quite a surprise when Kevin showed up at Penn State's Robeson gallery! He drove 180 miles to meet me! The effort Kevin put to drink 3 cups that day (and a few more cups the next) show his dedication and passion for good tea. This made my roasted spring Oolong Cha Xi even more special.

It's nice to introduce people to Chinese tea culture and see their amazement as they drink their first Oolong. But it's even more satisfying to share a great cup with someone who values and understands tea. Such opportunities are rare, which is why I started this blog to reach other tea enthusiasts. But there's nothing like a face to face tasting!

It was a pleasure meeting you, Kevin. Thank you!


ooglebloops said...

If you ever come to Va, we will try to come!!!

Steph said...

Blogging brings so many good tea friends together!

toki said...

Bliss! ~ Toki

Kevin said...

Hopefully we can share tea again!

TeaMasters said...

Thank you all!

I thought about you while in PA. I asked my tea student friends and they told me they had visited the Tea Gallery in NY!
See you next time then!