Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thé du matin

Et je me sens bien!


John-Paul said...

Beautiful photo Stephane. It seems to really capture the tranquility of the moment.

Just wondering, do you typically pour straight from your gaiwan to the cups (as you would with a teapot)? Or do you use a fairness pitchers? If you do pour directly into your cups, can you explain how you ensure that each cup is of equal concentration, and how you avoid making a potentially painful mess with the gaiwan? In my own experience using the gaiwan, it is most efficient to pour quickly and completely. It tends to dribble when I repeatedly stop pouring before the gaiwan has emptied completely.

TeaMasters said...

I try to pour directly from the gaiwan in the cups as often as possible. This allows to reduce the heat loss and keep my tea hot.
To distribute the concentration evenly, I first fill each cup halfway and then pour again in the opposite direction.
It's not easy, but that's also one of the skills that comes with practicing gongfu cha for a longer time!