Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tea Beauty calls to be shared

"When there are no beautiful utensils, there is no real Tea"

"It (Tea) is not a private path, but a highway for humanity.", Yanagi (The Unknown Craftsman, a Japanese Insight into Beauty).

(A Hung Shui Oolong brewed on a Saturday morning.)


Fresh Garden said...

Absolutely fantastic! I love it!

Michel said...

Yanagui like you Stephane has inspired many ..

Assistant said...

Great article. I loved the two quotes, they are right on. Also, those tea set-ups are beautiful. Where is it all from?

Thanks for sharing!

TeaMasters said...

Thank you.

Liz-Cool, these are items I have collected over the years. The quilt is made by my mom, the bowl is by David Louveau (a French potter), the jar is by Petr Novak (a Czech potter) and the 'flower' cups are from Taiwan (and are available in my selection).

Assistant said...

Stephanie, thanks so much for getting back to me! The quilt is just beautiful-that is special your mom made that. I will look up the bowl and jar as well was the flower cups.


Assistant said...

Stephane*** sorry!