Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blue Lagoon - Cha Xi, Mandala

Last Sunday, in Bei-Tou, Teaparker spoke at a book club about his book 'Cha Xi - Mandala'. After his presentation, he asked me to perform a real-life example of a Cha Xi of my own creation.

There are 2 things I love to do in summer: going to the beach or walking in the mountains. And when I can't do that, I can always combine these two feelings of clear, fresh air/water with my 'blue lagoon' Cha Xi (here, I'm using Da Yu Ling high mountain Oolong!).

I use the third Cha Xi from this article and added some corals on the beige fabric! I found those on the beach of Kenting. The 'crystal clarity' of Da Yu Ling's taste and brew is like the water in a 'blue lagoon'. The result is Paradise!

(Click this first link for better pictures of the event.)

The large crowd shows that many Chinese are interested in deepening their knowledge, understanding and practice of tea!

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