Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Unleash the fierce dragon

In this year of the Dragon, I am glad to propose 2 new small (54 x 33 cm) Cha Bu decorated with flying dragons. The mythical Chinese animal is a link between Heaven and Earth. His purpose is to bring harmony between both worlds. This could also summarize what tea does to us: resting and then lifting our spirits so that we find the energy and happiness to face the real world.

During the Qing dynasty, the Dragon was the symbol for the Emperor. Nowadays, in the West, the power to direct and manage our life doesn't belong to the leader of the country anymore. We are the Dragon! Inside us, we have the power to change and adapt, to rise to new challenges and overcome difficulties. As a student who just graduated, a new parent or a professional at a crossroad, we can summon the Dragon within ourselves and unleash its (creative) power. (I was thinking about this subject while swimming the other day and I immediately felt a burst of energy in my arms and swam faster for several strokes!)

This Dragon Cha Bu reinforces this symbolism:
Of course, I'm also using my 'dragon' cups and the longquan celadon jar.
As for the tea, what else than an Oolong could it be?! These rolled high mountain qingxin Oolong leaves come from Da Yu Ling: they were harvested halfway between heaven and earth (at 2300 meters altitude) on May 10th of this year!
The tiny dry leaves unfurl and return to their majestic original size. Unleashed in the gaiwan, these Oolong leaves produce a balanced and powerful brew. This sweet power is felt from within as it rises stronger and stronger. 
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And with the same theme, here is another 'small' dragon Cha Bu that I'm also adding to my selection. (Same size: 54x33 cm) :

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