Friday, September 06, 2013

Tea friends!

 Here are a few pictures of a Lushan high mountain Oolong Chaxi I arranged in David Louveau's workshop this summer. This powerful and refreshing brew gave us a clear energy to share ideas and information for new projects. In front of us, we use a mix of cups from my selection and accessories that David has created. It's nice to see that his 'lotus' celadon pieces work well with my ivory gaiwan and dragon cups. This Chaxi is like a symbol for our cooperation. Our different backgrounds complete us. We work with respect and harmony, guided by our tea happiness.
These ceramics are now tea's good companions. They need each other to fulfill their purpose. It's not just the peaceful and fresh celadon color that matches the character of high mountain Oolong. David Louveau's materials are natural and handmade, which gives them a unique feeling. And their shape and size have been designed to be both practical and beautiful.

Brewing tea is a triangle of friendship between the tea brew, the accessories and yourself!

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