Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oded Tzur Quartet, musician and tea lover

An Israeli saxophone player inspired by Indian music and Chinese/Taiwanese tea: only in New York will you find such a creative combination! His music can be slow and relaxing (like his Song of the silent dragon) or more jazzy, but the sound of his saxophone is very unique and almost hypnotizing. Its 'voice' seems to penetrate your soul!

Oded is doing some crowdfunding to record an album and make a videoclip. His appeal starts with a view of some qingbai 'singing' cups that should feel quite familiar... He's even offering an introductory tea class for High Mountain Oolong for pledges of 75 USD or more! (This applies mostly for NYC, where he resides).

Music can add a powerful new dimension to tea drinking. I'm looking forward enjoying tea with Oded Tzur's music!


ji bo's blog said...

Just bought the album via Kickstarter!


TeaMasters said...

Ji Bo,
Great! I'm glad you also felt this connection to Oded's music. Thanks for letting me know and for supporting this young and creative artist.