Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter light

Days are short, grey and cold. To find hope in the future, we turn to what we can most depend on. Faith, family, love. The cold seasons are a time to focus our attention on what's really important, on what we value most. It's time to come back to the cocoon, spend more time in the warmth of our home.
Tea is a wonderful way to spend quality time at home in winter. Similarly, the mood is less about trying new things for discovery's sake. To find joy in darkness, we choose teas that we treasure, leaves that that contain wonderful and harmonious flavors. They are our treat, our little pleasures. They boost our spirits and guide us on the path of refinement.

During last tea class, we even lit a charcoal fire in a white Nilu. This adds more warmth in winter. The flames were so strong, Teaparker recommended we wait until they calmed down before starting to heat the water!

I brewed a Wu Yi Shui Xian from last year in this pear shaped zhuni teapot.

A cup of bliss.

A light in the dark.

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