Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer vacation approaching fast

Starting Monday afternoon, I will start a little vacation. Orders placed this weekend on will be shipped on Monday, but after that you'll have to wait a few days or more!

Before my extended high mountain and tea travel, let me share these 2 recent high mountain Oolong Chaxi. Each session is like a 30-45 minutes vacation.
In both cases, I'm brewing my spring 2013 Lushan Oolong. It provides a wonderful energy boost. I often kick myself for not having it earlier in the day!
The blue Chaxi gives a blue sky, Côte d'Azur kind of feel to the tea. And since I know the feeling of having high mountain Oolong on a sandy beach, this sunny setup transports me to the ocean!
With this dark green fabric, the Oolong feels like a walk in the mountain forest. The silver kettle and teapot give maximum sharpness and power to the tea's taste. An hour later, the tongue still tingles with pleasure...
Enjoy your summer time with high mountain Oolong!

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