Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Top 10 articles

In 2014, the number of articles I wrote started to rise again! The launch of my boutique has helped me save time by making it easier for you to place your orders. In 2014, I also joined Twitter where I have written 321 tweets so far and posted 213 pictures (most of them are not on the blog). With all this activity, it's interesting to see which blog posts received most views (over 1000 at least):

10. Chaozhou Gongfu Cha tea set: a traditional set of GFC ware.

9. From jasmine flowers to jasmine tea: Discover how tea is naturally scented with real jasmine flowers.

8. Comparison of 2 old and 1 new tetsubin: about iron and rust. (This article received 8 + on Google+).

7. Warming up with tea: applies mostly to the winter season.

6. Le thé vert d'avant Qingming de SanHsia: un Biluochun vert et ensoleillé.

5. Tea events at Penn State from April 24th to 27th: The Tea Institute at PSU organized many tea events with Teaparker this spring.

4. Spring in San Hsia! : the first harvests of Taiwan's Biluochun.

3. How fresh is your 2013 spring High Mountain Oolong? : A sign of quality is when your Oolongs gets smoother and better with time.

2. The Tea Masters guide to brewing Oolong tea: a concise guide with lots of practical brewing tips. This e-book is a free gift if you place an order for 60 USD or more on my boutique.

1. Watercolor teapot : A watercolor painting by Jocelyne Munger of my Yixing Duanni Wu De Sheng Tiliang 'ancient Chinese coins' teapot.
The article with most + on Google+ (11) is Tea, Travel, Home with tea friend Lorant.

2 articles had the same highest count of comments: Happy 4th of July! and Vodka orange ou grand cru?
Note: The current giveaway for your tea orders is 25 gr of Organic Wenshan Baozhong of spring 2013! (For orders above 60 USD, not including shipping. See details here.)


Unknown said...

Haha, the comments on "Vodka orange ou grand cru?" are from me.

To a great 2015!

TeaMasters said...

Thanks for all your comments, Jake. I also wish you and your blog lots of new teascoveries in 2015!

Unknown said...

Sorry I haven't been able to get my review of your teas up, I lost a few pictures in a hard drive crash, but I still have my impressions of them. I haven't tried one of them, will try to do that soon.