Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Postcards from the beach

Summers on Taiwan are so hot that it's best to head to the high mountains and their cool nights. And during the grey winter months in Taipei, the closest escape is Kenting, at the southern tip of the island. Its special climate makes it possible to swim all year around, even in February. So, that's where we headed again this year!

From experience, an unroasted high mountain Oolong, here from Alishan's Changshu Hu mountain, is a great choice on the beach. It brings sweetness, lightness and a lasting freshness.
Water just quenches thirst. High moutain Oolong also brings life and energy! The contact with nature is felt with the sun on the skin and warm tea in the body. It's an amazing feeling, especially when the tea is well made.
Repeat tea experiences at the beach also help to get better results. The more difficult, I guess, is the first time. But if you like tea and the beach, then the potential joy of mixing both brings more than the addition of 2 pleasures. Tea brings meaning and mindfulness to the -otherwise often- shallow beach experience. And the sun and the sea provide a soft and magnificent environment to enjoy tea.
The sun is in the tea cup!