Friday, February 26, 2016

Winter 2015 Dong Ding competition Hung Shui Oolong

What's my favorite tea? It's a question I'm often asked and I like to answer that it's the next tea I'm going to brew! There are so many different teas out there. Listening to oneself to find out which is the best fit for a particular season, day, hour, mood... is key to enjoyment.

Nevertheless, if I had to pick just one type, it probably would be a Hung Shui Oolong like this one. 3 reasons for this choice:
1- partially oxidized and medium to strong roasted, this is a complex and refined tea that has lots to offer,
2- it's like a person who educates himself: the leaves becomes better with time,
3- like a person, this type of tea is particularly sensitive to how it's brewed. Each brew is a lesson for your life: be prepared, practice, observe (how the leaves open) and act (brew) both with care and without hesitation. The leaves are like life: precious and full of potential. If you make a mistake, accept responsibility and learn from it.
A great brew in a gaiwan is better than a so-so brew in a top Yixing teapot! There's no pleasure when the chaxi is beautiful, but the tea comes out flat. It's actually even more obvious and disappointing when the brew doesn't live up to the expectations of an aesthetically pleasing setup.
Still lots of freshness in these open leaves!
A wonderful tasting cup remains the priority of the chaxi. That's why it's essential that the accessories that are paired should improve (or at least not deduct from) the taste of the tea.
In tea, like in life (and politics), it's still substance over style. What a joy when you get both!

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