Monday, March 07, 2016

Chaxi testimonial

I have received the following e-mail and pictures from Pieter-Bas who has the tea room, Simply in Bliss, in the Netherlands:

"Dear Stephane,

Thanks to your blog I stopped mindlessly pouring my tea. I only drink the fine teas I find with my chaxi ceremony and take the time for it. Thanks to this I'm enjoying tea a lot more and developing my tasting skills way better. My passion for tea has never been so alive and you've turned me into a fabric, bowl and plate collector. Getting to know each tea and connecting it with the environment trough the chaxi is something I now thoroughly enjoy. It's a strange kind of satisfaction especially when you can finally enjoy the cup of tea you brewed after waiting for 10 min for the water to boil.
Thank you for writing this blog and sharing so many pictures.
I was wondering if we could make a group where we can share our chaxi set-ups with other readers from your blog. I think it will give us all a lot of passion and inspiration."
Thank you for sharing your chaxi experience with us! I'm glad to read that this has increased your tea pleasure and that you find meaning in creating a harmonious setup for your tea. I hope that others will find inspiration from your testimony! As for the group, I suggest you go ahead and create one if you think it will be helpful.


le disciple du thé said...

Et bien si ce groupe ce faisait j'en ferait partie avec plaisir !

le disciple du thé said...

Pieter, if you create this group, i would be happy to participate !