Friday, April 01, 2016

Glorious high mountain Oolong

A trip to the very high mountains of Taiwan (over 2000 meters) feels like a glorious adventure. The air is rare and feels crisp, pure and blue. The vegetation that manages to grow there is powerful and luscious green. The views are breathtaking. You're on top of Taiwan!

My outdoor spring High Mountain Oolong Chaxi tries to catch this glorious feeling.

Here, I'm going to prepare these leaves of qingxin Oolong from Tsui Feng (May 5th 2015 harvest). They still carry the fresh and sweet scent of the mountains. Their low oxidation level emphasizes the powerful lightness of their character.
A round Yixing zhuni teapot with little porosity and high heat conductivity is a perfect fit to release their finest aromas.
While it's not possible to recreate the breathtaking feeling of the mountain, the chaxi aims more at suggesting the harmony and beauty we feel on the mountain.
The cup of tea is a communion, a common bond with nature. It brings the mountain alive on the palate. There's a cooling mint feeling on the tongue when I breath air in. The chaqi tingles in the mouth. I can smell the moutain again and feel its energy brightening my eyes. It feels alive! (It's a little bit like the cold showers I like to take even in winter: the icy water on the skin reminds me of how my body is connected to my spirit! The stimuli from the cold are so strong that my conscience feels intensely stimulated. Alive!)
The pleasure of top quality high mountain tea is in this mix of energy, freshness and elegant aromas.  
Tea and glory!
(And now it comes with a 15% discount! Enjoy!)

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