Friday, August 02, 2019

Ruby red tea from Sun Moon Lake

This summer 2018 Hong Yu is one of my recent additions to my selection.
I had a lovely early morning session with this fully oxidized tea. I prepared the large leaves in a thin white porcelain bowl by David Louveau.
The white color of the bowl helps to figure out when the brew is ready to be poured in the cups. And then you simply add more boiling water in the bowl for more tea.
This red tea is very popular and reminds me a lot of the Early Grey Twinnings tea my parents used to drink when I was a kid. The difference is that this tea isn't scented! The bitter orange scents come naturally from the leaves.
It brought back lots of memories. Summer breakfast in Provence. Toasted bread with butter and incredible local honey, white and stiff with lavender notes... And a sweet and warm sunshine like this morning!
Tea (and smells in general) sometimes brings back memories that were buried deep down in some dark corner of the brain... And even when it doesn't, it's a wonderful way to experience the start of a new day, with some classical music in the background. Beauty in front of your eyes, in your nose and ears, at the touch of your hand, at the tip of your tongue.
And in these morning Chaxi, I'm blessed with a sense of urgency. Due to the orientation of my apartment, this sunshine won't last later than 7 AM. I only have 40 minutes to complete my tea with the sun. It's a life lesson: simplify, harmonize, enjoy, feel grateful and share the joy around you.
Let tea and light shine on the simple joys of life!

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