Thursday, October 29, 2020

Winter Da Yu Ling 104K

Winter is coming early in the highest plantations for the same reason that spring is coming late: because the warm season is shorter on the highest peaks than at sea level. That's why, like every year, winter Da Yu Ling harvests are always the first to arrive. And while in spring it seems it takes forever for those gardens to be processed, in winter it feels almost too soon!

This batch from a small plantation near the 104K mark of the road has been harvested on October 5th.
I will feature this Oolong from Da Yu Ling in my next live FB tea class. This class will make a presentation of high mountain Oolongs and discuss the specific character of Da Yu Ling. 
I will then brew this tea live. But instead of using this great Yixing zhuni teapot, I'll brew it with a porcelain gaiwan. I will do so, because this is the basic equipment every Oolong tea lover possesses. Brewing in a gaiwan is more difficult than in a teapot, but that's also how you learn the most!
In the third part of the class, I'd like to use the concept of the dragon to help you and me become more creative. I propose that we embark on a journey of several weeks to connect to our inner dragon! This could be fun and helpful for lots of people who may feel that their lives lack a little touch of magic. And, of course, this will give us the opportunity to taste great teas!

So, I hope that you'll join me for my live TeaMasters class or that you'll watch the replay on my YouTube channel! (Don't forget to subscribe!) 

Winter 2020 DYL 104K Oolong

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