Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Top 5 videos of 2020

In 2020, you have started to see my face much more often than before! The pandemic induced lockdowns around the world have convinced me that it was my duty to teach tea online in the most direct way, by video! Since you couldn't come to share tea with me in Taiwan, I came to a screen near you! And the goal of these classes is to show you that it's still possible to enjoy life, nature and tasting pleasures while staying at home, by setting up a Chaxi and brewing tea with style! 

We all know the saying 'If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!". In 2020, if the world suffers a pandemic and puts you in lockdown, make a Chaxi! Create a small world of harmony with your accessories, a tea, a Chabu and some creative decoration (a plant, a Chabu...). Add some music and you can enjoy a unique experience for all the senses that will cheer you up or, at least, bring peace to your mind. 

So, since 2020 wasn't the year for outdoor adventures or large social gatherings, it was a good time to explore the more intimate world of tea making. And this world has no limits and makes one travel to where the tea grows and to the season and year where it was harvested! Tea is the almost magical travel and time machine for the mind! 

This spring, I made some videos whenever I had time. Since this fall, I've move to a regular schedule: 10 AM each Saturday in Taiwan (ie Friday 9 PM, US Eastern time). And then a second class in French at 8 AM Saturday, European/French time. You can watch them live on my Facebook page and also the replay. I have tried to post my classes also on my YouTube channel, so that people without Facebook may also see them. However, for my early classes I had some trouble uploading the FB videos to YouTube. This fall, I eventually learned how to do it, except last weekend something has changed and I won't be able to upload the 'Xmas Tea Pairing' class. Sorry! But I should be able to do so in the future again.

I thank you for the kind feedback for these videos. I also wanted to do them as a challenge, because I know I am a poor public speaker. And now I also know that I'm a slow learner! I still feel stress before each class. But it usually goes away once I start making tea! If you enjoy watching these videos and want me to continue, please subscribe to my FB page and/or my YouTube channel. And also press 'Like' to help other tea students find my videos!

But enough about me, here are the 5 videos that have gathered the most combined views in 2020. (Click the link to view the video in FB, or watch the video on YouTube below). 

5. 10 common mistakes to avoid during a Chaxi . A short video that tries to be fun and universal!

4. Tea and Beauty, cups. Where I discuss the essential link between tea and beauty.

3. Chaozhou Gongfu Cha. A demonstration of the traditional Qing dynasty method.

2. Yixing teapots class. An introduction to Yixing zisha teapots.

1. Wenshan Baozhong Everything you need to know about Taiwan's semi oxidized tea from the North of the island!

See you tomorrow with the 12 best pictures of 2020!

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