Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Top 5 blog articles of 2020

2020 has brought lots of changes to our lives and also to this blog. The number of articles I've posted here has continued to drop. This reflects the fact that the tea world is moving away from blogs and focuses its attention on Instagram and Facebook. Indeed, a picture often tells more than a 1000 words, and since I'm busy running an online tea store, sourcing my teas, packing your orders myself... it's much faster to post a picture than writing an essay! That's why I've cut this Best of list from 10 to 5 to focus on those top articles that you should not have missed this year.

However, as Jacques Puisais (a French winemaker who died in 2020 at the age of 93) would say 'Put words on what you have eaten, because if you don't, it's as if this meal hasn't existed'. The same can be said of tea. Even though tea is evanescent and difficult to describe, it's necessary to give it a try, because otherwise you'll forget it and it will be as if you hadn't had that tea. That's why a blog is so useful and I'm glad to have started mine in 2004! And I will continue to write important articles, because that's where they are best archived and easiest to find!

5. How to choose a tea for aging. This year, several tea friends asked for a tea to mark the birth of their baby. This articles tries to give some help.

4. Gushu Puerh Feedback. Here I must thank Russell in Florida who wrote such great feedback that it made it to the top 5!

3. Thoughts on tea and avoiding the virus. If only the world had more listened to Taiwan... No other place has handled the virus better than this Oolong producing island!

2. A tea from the 20s. It's not every day that one gets to enjoy a 100 years old tea. No wonder it became the second most read article.

1. 2003 Puerh feedback. This other feedback was not just the most read article, but that puerh also became my best selling tea in 2020! 

There's another good reason why I wrote less. In 2020, I recorded a lot of live tea videos on Facebook and, after a while, I learned to download them and post them to my YouTube channel. So, tomorrow, I'll post a new article in which I'll list the best and most viewed videos of 2020!  

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