Sunday, July 12, 2020

2003 Puerh feedback

This week I received my first re-order for my 2003 private factory sheng puerh cake. Stan had ordered a cake very soon after it became available again. This week, he ordered 2 more with this comment:

"Just got my order and this tea is incredible. (...) I liked this tea so much that I just ordered more before I praise it too openly! It feels like a secret worthy of protection. Just a total joy.

Thank you again, what a fantastic tea and a wonderful shop." 
Thank you for your positive feedback. Puerh prices for famous brands and gushu continue to rise at a frantic pace that continues to surprise even tea veterans! So, I'm glad to be able to provide this 17 years old sheng for a very reasonable price!
Since it's summer and so hot outside in Taiwan right now, here are some refreshing pictures of a high mountain Oolong Chaxi!
The tea is my Spring 2018 FuShou Shan Oolong. Brewed in an Yixing Zhuni and delicately poured into light celadon singing cups.

Note: It's again possible to send EMS packages to Australia!

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Cole Wiebe said...

That 2003 pu'erh cake and the singing cups have my interest. I hope the shipping restrictions from Taiwan to Canada soon lift.

- Cole