Friday, October 15, 2021

Shan Lin Xi winter petals

Later today (Friday 9:30 PM US Eastern), I will do a second tea class about the scents of tea. For this time, I will focus on the scents of the brew. What are the different techniques to smell the brew? How you can use the scent of the brew to improve your brew? What are the different moments we can smell the brew?.... If you can't attend my live class, I hope you'll enjoy the replay on my YouTube channel.
Speaking of tea fragrances, if you are looking for a fresh Oolong where the scents prevail over the taste, I recommend this Shan Lin Xi Dong Pian (= winter petals). This high mountain Oolong is the product of a rare event: a late harvest after the regular winter crop. This is pretty common in lower elevations in Taiwan, thanks to its subtropical climate. However, the higher we go, the colder it gets and the more difficult it is for tea leaves to grow during the cold months of the year. Shan Lin Xi Dong Pian is so rare that it's the first batch I ever selected in my online boutique!
As you can see in these pictures taken outdoors, in the Lin Garden of Banciao, the color of the brew is mesmerizingly clear and shiny! The brew has fresh fragrances of osmanthus flowers. And it tastes wonderfully pure and sweet. And these light, natural scents are very persistent. After almost a year of storage in vacuum sealed bags, the freshness is still 100% there! Despite this fact, I have reduced the price by 10% and this exceptional tea is now sold at only 10,8 USD for 25 grams! In a world where everything is becoming more and more expensive, I'm doing my best to bring you the best quality in teas from Taiwan at competitive prices! 
Enjoy the scents of Taiwan and the energy of the high mountain of Shan Lin Xi!

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