Thursday, June 02, 2022

The FuShou Shan farm and its high mountain Oolong

FusShou Shan tea plantation

In the video above, I explain the link between the FuShou Shan, near Lishan, (founded in 1957) and the picturesque Xiangde temple (founded in 1968) located in the Taroko Gorge, on the East Coast of Taiwan. 

Spring 2022 FuShou Shan Oolong 

It's one of the highest elevation among high mountain Oolongs. It's almost as high as the highest plantations of Da Yu Ling, which are located about 10 km further east. The difference is that FuShou shan much more than a place producing high mountain Oolong (which is what DaYuLing is). The FuShou shan farm that is also producing delicious fruits (apples, pears. peaches...). It has a park with flowers and pond (called Tian Chi) that are a tourist destination. It even provides accommodation for the night to visitors!
Da Yu Ling, on the other hand, is simply the name of a location where you find high mountain tea plantations, but not much else. The name Da Yu Ling wouldn't be so famous in the tea world if the highest tea plantation of Taiwan had not been located there!
My point is not to say that FuShou Shan is better than Da Yu Ling. Actually, in terms of history, Da Yu Ling and FuShou Shan are very much linked by the central highway built in the late 1950s between Taichung and HuaLien. No, my point is that FuShou Shan is the best location in Lishan and that it is different from DaYuLing. 
They might be similar in terms of elevation, but the character of both mountains differs very much. While Da Yu Ling is all about raw energy, powerful aftertaste, FuShou shan shines with its elegance, natural sweetness and harmony.
It's a perfect tea for the warm season, especially on a sunny day. It brings the aromas of this very high mountain to your cup!
These spent Qingxin Oolong leaves from May 11th look so fresh! They bring us closer to the FuShou Shan and to one of the best high mountain Oolong in Taiwan! 
Fushou Shan tea plantation

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