Monday, September 18, 2023

Early 2000s loose raw gushu puerh

High quality loose raw puerh leaves
The autumn season is about to start with this wonderful addition to my puerh selection : the leaves are top notch as they are mostly made up of raw buds and small gushu leaves. And since they have not been pressed as a cake, these leaves are mostly whole and look gorgeous!

And even though I'm using a small Yixing zisha teapot, I'm only filling a quarter or a third of the teapot.

I recommend to start with a slow and steady pour for the first brew. The leaves are so clean that I don't rinse them.
Be gentle when you place the lid back on the teapot. It's more elegant and it will prevent precious tea from spilling out of the teapot and becoming lost! Don't let any drop escape!
This also counts for pouring the tea into the cups. 
Try your best to pour in the cups, not next to them!
And remember to fill the cups in a back and forth motion in order to achieve a similar tea concentration in the cups.
And a similar volume at the same time. It's difficult, but that's why it deserves to be called Gongfu Cha!
The shiny and clear brew is a sign of top notch quality. The scents of incense and even jasmine and wood and menthol coat the palate. The taste is powerful with a bitter note that mellows down nicely and feels pure and comfortable.
And the best part is that the tea is like a well that keeps giving and giving. I stop drinking before the leaves are exhausted!

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