Monday, March 21, 2005

From Tea Master to Top Management

Just in from the LA Time, this fascinating story:

"TOKYO — The management training seminar at Ajinomoto Co. was nothing out of the ordinary until the participants were directed to a tiny house on the food company's campus here. There they took turns sitting on a tatami mat as a tea master, dressed in a red kimono, served them green tea.

It wasn't break time. It was a crucial part of the program: to teach foreign managers about Japanese ways and to groom non-Japanese for senior management(...)"

Learning how to make tea well can be an asset in Asia's business world! What counts for Japan, also counts for China, even if gong fu cha is not a ceremony per se.

Make it another reason (taste, health, relaxation, culture, beauty) why you should learn to become a tea master: the career booster. It may one day help you land a director/CEO job at a renowned Asian company!

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