Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tea sightings on the web

Today's my lucky day! I found 2 tea blogs in the English blogosphere:

- Breaching the Web: it is an informal collection of links the author found "interesting, maddening or compelling, usually accompanied by comments". Many of them are about tea. There is no clear focus or objective in this blog, apart the pleasure of writing and sharing personal thoughts and experience (that's what blogging is all about, no?). Another plus is the list of links to other tea blogs. You'll find Tea Masters and the next blog I'll review:

- Kathy's Digital Log is building an extensive list of tea reviews. This can be a useful tool for North American tea fans wondering what tea to buy next. Kathy uses a fixed format to review and rate each tea. It includes: tea name, Kathy’s rating, supplier, country of origin, price, tea form, what they say, brewing method and the review itself. This standard approach makes for easy comparison between teas.

My (improvement) advice would just be to further detail the tasting in: vision, smell, taste and overall. This would further clarify and standardize the most important part of the review.

Concerning the teas she picks, you can see that in the US people almost exclusively buy branded teas (see yesterday’s post) and are willing to pay good prices for few tea leaves. So, I’m wondering again, shouldn’t I be selling tea instead of blogging about it?


Anonymous said...

Stephane, that's an interesting observation you made about tea drinkers in the US. I partially agree with your comments and have a detailed write-up on my site:


TeaMasters said...

Kathy's remarks are about the general tea drinkers in the US. I had more the real tea fans you find on Teamail, tea-disc or readers of this blog in mind.

Imen said...

Here is my 2 cents worth.