Thursday, April 28, 2005

100 years of teaware in Taiwan

Mentioned in my posts of January 20 and January 29, 2005, you can see this exhibition online now. The first page is in Chinese, but the rest is both in Chinese and English.

You may notice that all the older artifacts from the Qing Dynasty belong to teamaster Chi Jung Sien, also known as Teaparker. What nice pieces!

The modern Taiwanese teasets show a return to nature with their imitation of wood, bamboo, wood, plum... Not a very modern feeling, actually. Except maybe this... thing, which deserves a place in a modern art museum. Taiwanese artists seem to have missed on a modern trend: zen, simple and beautiful forms. Another inspiration is missing: classical Chinese teapots. I smell some taiwanese politics here, or just a bad selection from the museum, which, otherwise, is doing a very good job bringing so many treasures to the web.

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