Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Patchwork und Tee. Paßt doch gut zusammen! Dieser Stoff kommt aus Japan und das Pozelan aus YingGe (Taiwan). Hat mir meine Mutter gemacht (danke nochmals). Ich bewundere jetzt oft diesen Patchwork während ich meinen Tee trinke. Das beruhigt und macht mich fröhlich. Denn ein Platz für Tee sollte immer schön und sauber sein. Alle Sinne sollen uns positiv stimmen!

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aykayem said...

I fell over the tea yahoogroup you are on (I saw the link featured on the page when I logged in to yahoogroups ;-) and, being the curious person I am (stickybeak?) I had a look at some of the messages - and I saw the link to your blog so ... I came to have a look at that too ... I like the quilt - it's handy having a mum who does patchwork ... my mum does too ... and so do I (she also drinks lots of tea, but I drink coffee ... maybe I should start drinking more tea ;-)
In fact I have some little bits of Japanese looking fabric that I was wondering what sort of quilt to make with them ... now that I have seen this one and how good that pattern looks - I might even end up doing something similar for mine, when I eventually make it ... so thanks "mum" (your mum)for the idea for my quilt ;-)