Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ceramics from South Korea

Read in the Asian Wall Street Journal of April 15-17, 2005. The article, Return to Form, provides 3 links to discover more about South Korea ceramics:
- World Cermamic Biennale,
- KwangJuYo,
- Tong-In Gallery.

After looking at the 3 sites, it struck me that they all use the same web site designer! Apparently, the prices are quite expensive. This emphasis on design should be noted in YingGe, Taiwan's pottery town. I really recommend a visit of its ceramics museum when you come to Taiwan.

I reported in January about the museum's second tea set competition. You have to look at that link! With two clicks, you'll find more interesting tea sets than after one hour of browsing on the 3 Korean links. My favorite set is the Bronze medalist. From the picture it is not so clear, but the round tea set is not only a lamp, but also a water fountain! This artist's works are for sale in the museum's shop. Count approxiamtely 50,000 New Taiwan Dollar for a similar lamp/fountain.

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Danica said...

My favorite set was the bronze set too!