Thursday, January 26, 2006

A few good laughs to celebrate the end of the year of the rooster

- The Republic of Tea misspells Pu-erh in Chinese! (The site is devoted to tracking Chinese characters misspellings in the Western world.)

- An excellent video (and sound!) from Korea (not related to tea, but guys will find it funny!)

- Everything Sencha lovers need to know about Japan.

- Where the fuck is Diane with my Fair-Trade Coffee? from the Onion.

- A Japanese commercial making fun of geishas.


Imen said...

“In fact the whole of Japan is pure invention. There is no such country, there are no such people. The Japanese are, in fact, just Chinese who eat raw fish.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Japan

I might be openning a can of worms here. It's almost impossible to be Chinese and politically correct at the same time when facing the subject of "Japanese culture". I have on a smirk right at this moment.

Anonymous said...

This Chinese New Year begins on the 9th February 2005. It is the year 4702 – Year of the Rooster, the 10th in the Chinese zodiac cycle. More precisely, the element which is prominent this year is Wood, and as such it is the Year of the Wood Rooster (also sometimes referred to as the Green Rooster.

According to the Chinese zodiac, Roosters are meticulous and organised, faithful to friends and very family oriented whilst honest, outspoken and sometimes blunt. They also have a keen eye for detail making them great lawyers, doctors and scientists. Therefore, this year we will experience many traits of the Rooster.

Celebrating the New Year with family and friends is a very ‘rooster’ thing to do. We can expect scientific achievements and creative projects this year; planning is essential to a great year.