Friday, January 20, 2006

Tea Masters Blog seen on the Net

Oolong Fetish is an interesting and innovating tea blog. This blogger is posting his own detailed tea reviews. The innovation comes from a clever scoring and pictures of open leaves over measurement paper. He is the first I have seen doing this on the Internet. Here, for instance, his score for the Shui Xian I sent him:
Out of 5.
Overall - 4
Primary Flavors - 3 1/2
Secondary Flavors - 4
Aroma - 4 1/2
Finish - 3 1/2
Temperament - 4
(I recommend visiting his site to read the explanation).

I'm quite happy to see that this tea achieved the highest score, so far, on his blog. Especially since it's also one of the cheapest in my selection! (Less than 15 USD for 150 gr).

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