Friday, April 20, 2007

Sunny Spring weather in Taipei

This year, Taiwan didn't have a very cold winter. This early spring favored early harvests of the fastest growing tea species (Jinxuan, Tsui Yu, Si Ji Chun). The slower, more traditional luanze (qingxin) oolong kind comes last. A farmer I called in Pinglin told me this Wednesday that only 20% of the luanze oolong crop had been harvested so far in Wenshan. Most of the rest will be by the end of next week (the higher, the later). This is excellent news, because the current weather is just gorgeous and perfect for tea. We have cold nights and warm days, a climate similar to the high mountains and which helps give spring tea a crisp and fresh fragrance.

The weather had made a first change on the day of Qing Min Jie (April 5), the official start of the oolong spring season. It had started to rain almost without interruption for 10 days (here in northern Taiwan, which is always more rainy than Central Taiwan). Now, starting this week, it is dry and sunny again.

Therefore, I'm quite optimistic to find good high quality Wenshan Baozhong (luanze cultivar) this year. Of course, to make a good tea it is not enough to just rely on heaven (weather). You also need good soil and skilled people.
Ah, I almost can't wait!


Anonymous said...

ahh fresh tea
Cant wait Stephane

Groumpf said...

Oh, so great news !
Sure the waiting will appear long anyway...

Red Circle Tea said...

Est ce que vous savez quand et ou est ce qu'il y aura les competitions des oolongs Taiwanais cette annee? Merci de votre reponse!!

TeaMasters said...

Les compétitions se déroulent en fin de saison. Mais comme chaque localité qui fait du thé organise la sienne (le nombre de competition augmente), cela varie pour chaque region.

Les compétitions, c'est surtout pour ceux qui n'ont pas le temps ou l'experience de gouter les thés eux-même, d'apres moi. Les juges font ce travail de selection, mais leurs critères sont souvent ceux de thés un peu trop 'verts' à mon goût. Du coup, je m'interesse peu à ces evenements et ne peux vous en dire plus. renseignez-vous auprès des cooperatives de la region.