Saturday, September 29, 2007

Enjoying tea

I may not always have the time for a new article on the blog...but I try to always find some time for tea!And when light illuminates the tea set, it's just too beautiful not to share with you!
So I wish you all the best while drinking excellent Chinese tea!


Marco said...

Often the images say more of the words. Thanks to have make see this magical moment.

Anonymous said...


Lovely images of your new home and tea corner. Your collection of tea wares is wonderful. Such choice works and beautifully selected for each tea.

The tetsubin is especially nice. Do you have advice as to the use and care of your iron tea kettle?

The topic might give insight to its use in the art of tea.


TeaMasters said...


the main advice I can give is to use what you have. I don't collect wares for display, but for their usage. Even if they just serve to embelish my tea set, I really want to get them off the shelf and next to me when I make tea. That's how they come alive and are worth more than their financial cost.

As for the tetsubin, it came pretty much like it is. I only have it for a year, I think. The main advice here is to dry it after each tea session. This is easily done by warming it a little when it's empty and still wet. The merchant told me to use a clean, soft cloth to wash the outside. A stranger method is rubbing the outside with a raw, peeled potatoe! It is supposed to make it shine! Never done it, though. Since I use it daily, it has no opportunity to take any dust. Here again, the best is to use it. Isn't it the practice that makes the master?!

Anonymous said...

Magnifiques photos as always, et grâce aux rayons solaires lesquels révèlent les détails de la tetsubin dans toute sa splendeur.
En attendant un Ni Lu pour chauffer l'eau, j'aimerai savoir ce que tu penses de ce teapot warmer en fonte dans lequel on place une bougie chauffe-plat :
Diamètre 6 inch = 15,2 cm
Ce diamètre serait-il suffisant pour le modèle "Owl" que tu avais avant la "Dragon" ?

TeaMasters said...


Les tetsubins cassent si on les chauffe avec une flamme concentrée. Et si c'est juste pour y mettre une bougie, c'est juste pour garder au chaud, pas pour chauffer.

LIO said...

Salut stéphane,

c'est mon premier message sur ton blog que je lis depuis longtemps...

J'ai quelques questions à te poser, pourrais-tu m'envoyer un mail à

Merci d'avance

Dizzy Dee said...

Wow, love the cups! I got similar ones for my birthday last year! Its really cute, and specially good for chinese jasmin green tea ;)