Monday, June 30, 2008

Ivory white cups

3 different heights, shapes produce a different color for the tea. Here, the tea is Oriental Beauty. A deeper cup makes the tea look darker.
Another interesting observation is that ivory white adds a touch of yellow/gold color to the tea. This is a plus for darker teas (roasted Oolongs, red and black teas). But for green teas or light Oolongs, I would rather recommend celadon or qingbai cups to enhance the green color of the brew.


Anonymous said...


Your post of the color of tea in three bowls of different shapes and sizes was a revelation. It helped me better understand the passages in the Chajing by Lu Yu that address the color of tea in bowls of various wares. Thank you very much.


TeaMasters said...

Thanks for this feedback. It's one of the highest praise I can think of. It's what I aim to do: build a bridge between Chinese tea masters and (western) tea drinkers.