Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oolong 'verger de montagne' de Feng Huang

Ce luanze Oolong cueilli à la main le 21 avril 2008 vient de cette plantation de Feng Huang (qui fait partie de la région de Dong Ding), et située à environ 650 mètres de haut. Les feuilles sont un peu plus oxydées que les Oolongs de haute montagne (mais bien moins qu'un Oriental Beauty). Néanmoins, c'est suffisant pour donner une couleur plus dorée à la liqueur et des traces rouges sur la bordure des feuilles.

Les senteurs sont fraiches, fruitées et légères. Depuis que je le propose, c'est celui avec la meilleure fragrance. J'y sens du raisin blanc, un peu de noix de coco et les odeurs fruités de la plantation de Feng Huang.
Au niveau goût, il est suffisamment moelleux et coulant. A part une légère touche d'astringence fruitée (quand on le pousse), il n'a pratiquement pas de défauts.

Testé avec 3 grammes pendant 6 minutes. Voyez aussi mon nouveau Cha Bu uni orange ci-dessous.

This 'fruity' Oolong is made was handpicked luanze (qingxin) Oolong from the above plantation in Feng Huang near Dong Ding (650 meters above sea level). The oxidation for this batch is a little stronger than usual. This explains why the tea has a more golden color and why the leaves are a little red on the edges.

In terms of scents, while still very light, the fragrances are more fruity (white raisin, coconut...). These fragrances are quite amazing and pure.

The taste is mellow, light and has very few defects. I did push it very hard: boiling water on 3 grams for 6 minutes. This is the standard for the Dong Ding tea competition.


Unknown said...

Dear Stephane

I am a tv producer from the uk who is making a series about a guy trading his way around the world. We are looking for things to buy in Taiwan and sell in Japan. One idea was to buy some very special Taiwanese tea - I would really like to speak to you about it and to contact one of the tea masters (or our taiwanese fixer can speak to them if he / she doesn't speak English).

Slightly bolt out of blue request I know, but I'd appreciate any help for this really exciting project.

Best wishes

Ed Kellie
tigress productions | 7 Soho Street | London | W1D 3DQ | UK
T: +44 (0)20 7434 6733 F: +44 (0)20 7434 6821
M: +44 (0)7961 302 509

Anonymous said...

Woooonderful orange Cha Bu...
I think it will work both in spring
as it gives a lively color as well
as in winter where it will give
more warmth to the gong fu experience...

Salsero said...

Although your photos are always great, today you seem to have outdone yourself! Thanks for the lovely post.

TeaMasters said...

Interesting concept, Ed. I'll try my best to help!

Orange might also soon become the new color of the European (football) champions! I'm glad you like it. I also felt it was a good fit with this golden brew.

Thanks for your positive feedback. I'm glad that you felt the joy and beauty of drinking tea through these pictures. I hope they inspire more people to simplify their gongfu sets to make tea also a feast for the eye.

Benead said...

Très beau cha bu.

C'est un thé qui me plairait je pense, en tout cas je n'attendrais pas longtemps avant de refaire une commande mais basée sur les oolongs principalement (juste le temps de vider une partie des miens).