Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spring 2006 Lincang raw wild puerh

I recently contributed some ideas for an article about puerh aging on the Cha Dao blog. This gave me the idea to try my raw, wild Lincang puerh again. Have a look at the little plate over the teapot and you'll see that I use very few leaves, just enough to cover the bottom of the pot. This means I brew this puerh very long. Time would be measured in minutes. But time doesn't really matter anymore. I just pour when I feel like. Sometimes, it's just so easy.
This puerh still tastes very young. I think it has only slightly changed since last year. A little rounder in taste and fragrances a notch more mature.

Should I be disappointed? Not at all. It is moving in the right direction. Besides, it hasn't picked any secondary smells. It tastes completely pure.


Salsero said...

"Sometimes, it's just so easy."

Thanks for the reminder, though I must say you always make it all seem effortless and beautiful.

TeaMasters said...

Thanks Salsero!

I wonder how you will feel about today's (next post) Cha Xi!...

I would almost recommend that you also start your own blog, but I'm afraid you'd have less time to share your numerous notes of appretiation on the various tea blogs. These kinds of notes are always motivating and encouraging. Thanks again for your positive feedback.

Ned Plimpton said...

Hi Stephane, I really enjoy your teamasters blog and have gained so much insight to the art of Cha through your articles. The set up you used for this article really caught my eye. The blue from the Cha Bu is very beautiful and contrasts so well with all of the other pieces. It really struck me as a harmonius and peacefull scene, and with all of the other colors seems to represent the natural elements of the earth. I hope to try to emulate this!