Thursday, December 04, 2008

December Tea Party at the Taipei Story House

When: This Sunday December 7, 3 PM
Where: Taipei Story House, next to the fine Arts Museum on Chung Shan North Rd.
Subject: In winter mood, the story of Old Oolong.

Maybe I'll meet one of you there! Last month, I was in a tea ware shop in Yingge and hear a German gentleman speak English with the sales clerk. Being the only 2 foreigners and the only 2 customers in the shop, we said hello and started talking:
- What are you doing here? he asked me.
- I have a tea blog.
- Is it the Teamasters blog?
- Well, huh, yes! That's my blog!
This was quite a surprise to meet a blog reader! We ended up talking at least half an hour around several cups of fresh Oolong brewed by the store manager. This reader is a Qi Gung teacher who lives on Koh Samui, Thailand. It was very nice hearing his experience of Taiwan Oolong and how much his friends like it when they are in the relaxed mood of a Thai island.

Through this blog, I have met and kept so many tea friends! I'm very grateful. Thanks!