Monday, October 19, 2009

Single face olive green Cha Bu

I'm using the same fabric as for a previous Ming dynasty style Cha Xi. It is quite thick and very absorbing, so I decided to use it as a single face Cha Bu. The edges are neatly sewn. Therefore, this Cha Bu is lighter and more affordable.

Dimensions: 68 cm x 55 cm. Weight: 110 gr
(Price is same as an ivory white gaiwan/zhong).

Yesterday, I drank my Fall 2009 Luanze Oolong from Feng Huang on it. Brewed in my zhuni Duo Qio teapot, the tea seems lighter, more flowery than brewed in a gaiwan. It's autumn character is so delicate and fine that one could easily mistake it for a spring Oolong.

This tea has a lot of concentration and it's very sweet. It's an excellent fresh Oolong without the astringency often associated with light oxidation.

It's a masterpiece!


Anonymous said...

Ah, it's an Autumn tea. It is a lot like a spring Oolong. Not that I'm enough of an expert but many of these kinds of greener Oolongs here in the States are of the spring season harvest. How can I mention this? I'm drinking a cup of your wonderful Luanze Oolong as I write. I'm able to do it due to the generous gift of a little package you sent me. And I thank you for your gracious consideration. I was pleased to see a little Puerh from the early 70s. That marks it at just about how old I am and I've never had Puerh that old before. It's going to be quite a treat and I'll let you know how I like it. Puerh is my favorite tea now so it's quite the blessing. --Teaternity

formingnewsights said...

I just discovered you blog from this gentlemen to my left
I love it!
I make tea also!

formingnewsights said...

oh, haha, i forgot when i posted this that he would be north of me :)


TeaMasters said...

Hi Jason,
That tea gift was a prize for your participation in a little contest on my blog. I'm glad you find this fall 2009 luanze Oolong 'wonderful'.

Soïwatter said...

Nice Green cha xi...
This oolong seems very interesting. I really think that fall/winter is the best season for oolong. More than spring...

So, there have been no hong pei for this dong ding. I thought that at least a light roasting was a necessary step to reach the wonderful dong ding taste.